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Prescription sunglasses. 4 reasons you need them this summer. June 20 2016, 1 Comment

Prescription sunglasses. 4 reasons you need them this summer.
When you're visually challenged, prescription sunglasses are more than just an accessory, they’re a summer necessity. Looking good is important to us, and our customers. We’re eager to break the myth that prescription sunglasses can’t be stylish. Here are 5 reasons you need summer shades: 1. They make your life easier. Have you ever seen someone driving in the sun without sunglasses on? Their visor pulled down, hand covering their eyes with a panicked squint desperately trying see the road ahead. Doesn't seem very safe does it? A great pair of shades will allow you drive more safely and comfortably... Read More →

BlueTech Lenses Can Save Your Work Day. December 16 2015, 2 Comments

BlueTech Lenses Can Save Your Work Day.
    We know that you’ll never give up your electronics… Our phones and computers are an integral part of our lives, but unfortunately, so are the consequences of using them all day. Eye-fatigue is a serious issue. Harmful blue light emitting from screens often  leaves our eyes feeling exhausted and overworked. Dry eyes, headaches and blurred vision are all signs of computer vision disorder AKA digital eyestrain, and it's a real problem. Especially if your job requires you to be in front of a screen all day. It’s not just at work. Your eyes need to be protected from blue... Read More →

Cold Weather Styles Must Haves Going Into Winter. November 24 2015, 0 Comments

Cold Weather Styles Must Haves Going Into Winter.
Sure, you can buy a new scarf or vest to scratch that fall fashion itch, but nothing makes a more meaningful impact on your style than a new pair of frames. We know you don’t like to limit yourself to just one pair, so if you’re looking to be the coolest pumpkin carver this Halloween, keep these tips in mind: 1.  Soft colors. As a general rule, a bold color is an easy way to make your frames pop on your face… and in a crowd. Now that fall is here and Minnesotans are bracing for the cold, it’s time... Read More →

Three Women's Frames For Fall. October 22 2015, 0 Comments

Three Women's Frames For Fall.
Dual Tone Frames Autumn is the season of changing leaves, bonfires and tailgates… and it’s the time to fall into dual-tone fade frames. Those thick, dark frames of yours will always deliver that bold look, but for many women, dual tone frames offer more versatility and a subtle break from the heavy-frame trend. Our dual-tone frames act as a crossover between the hip and the dark on top, and the eye-catching and colorful on the bottom. The result is a softer look that accentuates your personality and doesn’t distract from your gorgeous face! Work with your eye color or go... Read More →

4 Essential Frames Every Guy Should Own July 14 2015, 0 Comments

4 Essential Frames Every Guy Should Own
  Let’s face it, owning three or four pairs of prescription glasses can get spendy. But don’t let a little thing called a budget keep you from stepping up your eyewear game. Glasses can do more than just help you see; they exude brains and bank. Let Huxley help you make the case for beefing up your eyeglass collection with one or two classic options. And, on the off-chance you have hawk vision, by all means, accessorize! You won’t just get a glance, you will get the neck-craning second and third looks, as well.  Black is the bottom line Brass... Read More →

Huxley's Newest Brand - Shwood Eyewear May 28 2015, 0 Comments

Huxley's Newest Brand - Shwood Eyewear
The newest line of frames at Huxley comes from Portland, Ore. Shwood Eyewear are like the mixologists of eyewear manufacturers: they handcraft stylish, sophisticated frames using a combination of classic and cutting-edge materials. Like their name says, they specialize in wood-based frames – using wood from, among other places, the madrone tree and old Louisville Slugger bats! But they’re shaking up classic plastic and titanium frames with dashes or equal amounts wood. So, what kind of frame cocktails are we talking about? How about wood and acetate, wood and titanium, or straight-up wood? Seriously, you haven’t seen frames like these... Read More →

Trends of 2014 and a fresh set of eyes for 2015 February 12 2015, 1 Comment

Trends of 2014 and a fresh set of eyes for 2015
In this day and age everybody is always looking for the next best thing, we are here to tell you what you can expect for the upcoming season and review last year’s major trends.  Rosy and gold tinted lenses, which made for a sepia-like effect, were very popular last year.  Contrasting from this it appears that dark toned lenses will be an ‘it’ item in 2015!  Although these can give an impression of exclusivity, they also portray a powerful look. In both optical and sun wear, materials and silhouettes are reminiscent of yesteryear with 1970’s chic and retro inspirations.  This... Read More →

Help Huxley give back! January 08 2015, 0 Comments

Here at Huxley Eyewear we are not only dedicated to becoming the authority on cool & unique glasses but also making a difference in our local community.  We are happy to announce that we always donate a percentage of every sale to a local charity.  There are so many great organizations within Minnesota that give back and to help them reach their intended groups, and we like to put our money where our eyes are, on the local community! We have put together a survey of charities that we would like to partner with and want to find out from... Read More →

Get framed! December 16 2014, 1 Comment

Get framed!
Just like people, eyewear comes in all shapes and sizes.  Have you ever tried on a pair of glasses and thought “Oh no, these look terrible on me!”? Or “Yes, these fit me perfectly”.  Well there is definitely something of a science to finding just the right fit.  The shape of your face is really what determines which look will likely have the best fit.  Each individual is a bit different and some shapes can lend themselves to several types of frames.  The most well suited frame however will be one that contrasts with your face shape.  We hope this... Read More →

Eyeglasses: Then and now. December 04 2014, 2 Comments

Eyeglasses: Then and now.
          The first pair of eye glasses recorded in history was allegedly created in Pisa, Italy in about 1286. They were simple convex-shaped crystal stones used to magnify images. We have since come a long way in the eyewear industry, but wanted to pay some respect to how far this great modern invention has come and look at some of the vintage styles making their way onto the faces of today.              Some of earliest frames were made of basic earthly materials such as tortoise shell, horns, bones and wood. While... Read More →