Eyeglasses: Then and now.

          The first pair of eye glasses recorded in history was allegedly created in Pisa, Italy in about 1286. They were simple convex-shaped crystal stones used to magnify images. We have since come a long way in the eyewear industry, but wanted to pay some respect to how far this great modern invention has come and look at some of the vintage styles making their way onto the faces of today.


           Some of earliest frames were made of basic earthly materials such as tortoise shell, horns, bones and wood. While quartz and crystals dominated in the fabrication of the lenses, before settling on regular glass, frames for glasses have seen a more complicated evolution.

                                                                          They even came with a case!


         Although tortoise shell frames were originally made from the Hawksbill turtle shell, those fabulous creatures were a little too desirable and have since made their way to the endangered species list. Sad face. But have no fear! Tortoise frames are still incredibly popular and we have handpicked dozens of styles that offer just that. One of our faves is the Dillon which features a light Havana tortoise frame.


          While we’re still waiting to see what is next in this era of natural styles (Horns?! Bones?! Yes please!), We'll have it for you!  be sure to check our online store or come visit us in person at our Rosedale Mall location.



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