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Just like people, eyewear comes in all shapes and sizes.  Have you ever tried on a pair of glasses and thought “Oh no, these look terrible on me!”? Or “Yes, these fit me perfectly”.  Well there is definitely something of a science to finding just the right fit.  The shape of your face is really what determines which look will likely have the best fit.  Each individual is a bit different and some shapes can lend themselves to several types of frames.  The most well suited frame however will be one that contrasts with your face shape.  We hope this guide will help you determine what you should focus on when shopping for the perfect pair!

Not sure what ‘face shape’ you have?  Consider the following to help you decide on your ideal frame:

Heart:  Think… Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon.  A heart-shaped face is one that strongly tapers toward the chin, and the chin tends to be pointy. 

Glasses for this face shape: Frames that are slightly wider than your forehead to bring balance to your look.  Detailing on the bottom rim will help lead onlookers to focus on your eyes.


Long:  Sarah Jessica Parker or Anne Hathaway both epitomize this face shape.  It gracefully tapers toward the chin, and has elongated features with a softly rounded chin.

Glasses for this face shape:  Opt for a more squared style that sits a smidge wider than your face.  A lower bridge might also help your nose to appear shorter…if that is something you want!


Oval/Oblong:  With prominent, wider cheekbones, and a gently narrowing forehead, this face shape gradually narrows toward the chin. Jude Law and Zac Efron are great examples!

Glasses for this face shape:  This is face shape has the most versatile fit, so be bold! You can make a statement by playing around with the texture and color of your frames.


Square:  Think…Brad Pitt! Forehead, cheekbones and jawline are almost all the same width, with a square, more angular jawline.

Glasses for this face shape:  Rounded, oval, and cat eye styles will soften your look and draw attention to the upper portion of your face.  Avoid rimless frames (too blasé) or frames that have a prominent top bar or you might look too serious!


Round:  Your face width and length are almost the same, widest at cheeks.  Let’s picture Kelly Clarkson and Cameron Diaz.

Glasses for this face shape: A more structured, squared frame will give balance to your look.


Triangle:  T for….Tina Fey! Or Rashida Jones.  This shape is widest at the jaw and gradually narrows at the forehead.

Glasses for this face shape: Details on the upper rims such as cateye or browline frames accentuate your features, along with glasses that are slightly wider than your jawline.


We hope this has helped you determine what might work best for your face shape.  Good luck and may the best frame win!



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  • Looking for frames that I can buy and have my doctor put lenses in. I have small face like Rashida Jones and cannot find any frames that don’t make me look like a dork. Please help. Don’t want to pay over $100.00 either.

    Jolene Clark

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