Trends of 2014 and a fresh set of eyes for 2015

In this day and age everybody is always looking for the next best thing, we are here to tell you what you can expect for the upcoming season and review last year’s major trends.  Rosy and gold tinted lenses, which made for a sepia-like effect, were very popular last year.  Contrasting from this it appears that dark toned lenses will be an ‘it’ item in 2015!  Although these can give an impression of exclusivity, they also portray a powerful look.

In both optical and sun wear, materials and silhouettes are reminiscent of yesteryear with 1970’s chic and retro inspirations.  This is a trend that was both popular last year and will be carried forward into 2015. 

Another trend from 2014 that we are still seeing everywhere are the graphical/angular cuts.  This includes every shape from triangular hexagonal lenses, to the frames that emphasize geometric shapes and the brow bar.

What was “in” that is now classified as “out”? While the large range of trends in eyewear will eventually recycle themselves over time a few that have seen their ship sail for now include glasses with floral prints, and Aztec designs as well as the earthy greens and soft pinks…those are SO last season.

We have reviewed what was hot last year and continuing to sizzle, along with trends that we have moved on from, but what is in store for 2015? 

As always, oversized sunglasses are back in a BIG, big way, if you know what I mean.  Aviators might also fall into this category and they have been included in almost all major designers’ lines for 2015.

The Cat-eye is great for everyday glasses or for sunglasses.  As discussed in a previous post, cat-eye frames are one of the best and most universally worn by a diverse group of face shapes.

Also, popular heading into spring, we will see bright, classic white frames, semi- rimless and glittery glasses make their debut.  Keep on the lookout for these hot styles and feel free to let us know if you are noticing anything else we might have overlooked!

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