Huxley's Newest Brand - Shwood Eyewear

The newest line of frames at Huxley comes from Portland, Ore. Shwood Eyewear are like the mixologists

of eyewear manufacturers: they handcraft stylish, sophisticated frames using a combination of classic and

cutting-edge materials. Like their name says, they specialize in wood-based frames – using wood from,

among other places, the madrone tree and old Louisville Slugger bats! But they’re shaking up classic

plastic and titanium frames with dashes or equal amounts wood. So, what kind of frame cocktails are we

talking about? How about wood and acetate, wood and titanium, or straight-up wood? Seriously, you

haven’t seen frames like these anywhere.

And even if you’re not comfortable with full wood ;), Shwood features more traditional frame material with

customizable wood inlays and a host of color options. (Personally, we like the dark frames with the light


Shwood also makes frames in some of the most bomb-proof plastic around. It doesn’t stretch and twist all

the while sitting on your face as comfortable as can be. The Mezzulina acetate is the best we’ve ever seen!

The last time we checked, Oregon is in the continguous 48, so these frame are made in America, prices are

user-friendly and Schwood offers many different limited release collaborations.

Check out our friends at Shwood…


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