4 Essential Frames Every Guy Should Own

by Ryan Polehonka on July 14, 2015


Let’s face it, owning three or four pairs of prescription glasses can get spendy. But don’t let a little thing called a budget keep you from stepping up your eyewear game. Glasses can do more than just help you see; they exude brains and bank. Let Huxley help you make the case for beefing up your eyeglass collection with one or two classic options. And, on the off-chance you have hawk vision, by all means, accessorize! You won’t just get a glance, you will get the neck-craning second and third looks, as well. 

  1. Black is the bottom line

Brass tacks, gentlemen, the simple black frame gets the job done. They’re ubiquitous, but classic and chic. And no matter where you do your best work - boardrooms, barrooms or bedrooms – classic black puts you in charge. Its versatility has been embraced by rockers, hipsters and moguls alike. Why? Because while you might be able to see better, girls will think you look smarter. And to girls, smart = sexy. Think Buddy Holly, craft beer cicerones, Jay-Z.

  1. Timeless Tortoise always makes a statement

Black might be your all-around pair, so step your game up with a similar shape in a tortoise shell. The bold beauty of the tortoise frame goes where black can’t: be subtle with dark browns or amp up your swagger with more yellows. If guys wear black frames to look smart, tortoise shell frames will make you look smart-ass. Wear these if you’re channeling Johnny Depp, about to buy art or you receive university grants on the reg.

  1. Silver brushed metal: It’s Business Time

You don’t take no for an answer. Nothing conveys this attitude of effortless control more than sleek metal frames. Depending on your skin tone and features, one of our varying shades of silver from light metallic to dark gunmetal, will fit you perfectly. Are you a heart surgeon or do you play one on TV? Get behind the wheel of your A8 wearing a pair of these and multiple lanes will open for you.

  1. Round and round

They say every style comes back, sometimes twice. If you are lucky enough to have stylish grandparents, dig through their desk drawers and you might find some sweet round frames they rocked in the post-war ’40s. Or, rifle through the Preppy Handbook frames from the ’80s and you’d be in luck. If not, pick up a pair of the Huxley Donnelys immediately! If you’re a risk taker, you’re probably a dream maker, so step out on the ledge and go round, rebel! Think VIP Kentucky Derby parties, sculptors, James Dean, or you’re from Bloomfield Hills.



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