Three Women's Frames For Fall.

by Ryan Polehonka on October 22, 2015

Dual Tone Frames

Dual Tone Frames

Autumn is the season of changing leaves, bonfires and tailgates… and it’s the time to fall into dual-tone fade frames.

Those thick, dark frames of yours will always deliver that bold look, but for many women, dual tone frames offer more versatility and a subtle break from the heavy-frame trend.

Our dual-tone frames act as a crossover between the hip and the dark on top, and the eye-catching and colorful on the bottom. The result is a softer look that accentuates your personality and doesn’t distract from your gorgeous face! Work with your eye color or go for contrast: either look will get you noticed.


Modified Cat-Eye

Huxley presents a simple take on a recurring favorite that has symbolized women’s freedom. The classic cat-eye frame, invented in the 1930s and modeled after Venetian Harlequin masks has, once again, returned as a staple of modern women’s eyewear.

While basic square frames complement almost any face, a Huxley cat-eye frame can “lift” the right face by arching just below the brow line. It’s a sassier, smarter look that will quickly earn a place in your eyewear rotation.


Tortoise Frames

Dark Tortoise Frame

Tortoise frames are like your favorite fall sweater. Everyone should own one and they complement the right occasion perfectly, whether it’s a pep rally, a hayride or you’re out for morning of apple picking. Our frames come in several color palettes, but this fall, don’t miss on the darker frames. Check out our classic marbled brown – a color that has withstood the test of time - while tortoise green brings a more modern edge to any wardrobe.



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