Prescription sunglasses. 4 reasons you need them this summer.

Prescription Sunglasses

When you're visually challenged, prescription sunglasses are more than just an accessory, they’re a summer necessity.

Looking good is important to us, and our customers. We’re eager to break the myth that prescription sunglasses can’t be stylish. Here are 5 reasons you need summer shades:

1. They make your life easier.
Have you ever seen someone driving in the sun without sunglasses on? Their visor pulled down, hand covering their eyes with a panicked squint desperately trying see the road ahead. Doesn't seem very safe does it? A great pair of shades will allow you drive more safely and comfortably with both hands on the wheel.
2. Fashion or function? Maybe a bit of both!
Posh, sporty, or something in between? If you’re more of an active outdoor type, we have large selection of Oakley prescription sunglasses. They’ll hug your face while you’re training for that beach bod.
Once you’re in that swimsuit and crave something more fashionable, go for a pair of Raybans or Shwoods. Timeless styles that are sure to turn heads.
 3. Transition lenses are not as sexy.
Have you had a conversation with someone with a tint in their glasses while they’re inside? It just doesn’t look good and leaves you with a bit of an uneasy feeling. What are they hiding?!
Transition lenses have function, but can be lacking in the style department.
4.  Make them your own…. Fully customizable shades.’
Just like the unique snowflake that you are, no two sunglasses from Huxley are alike. You have thousands of options. Silver aviator with lavender polarized lenses? Not a problem. If you’re feeling fancy, beautiful mirror coatings will insure no one will know where you are looking.
The possibilities are endless! We have a great time helping you customize styles in store.



Here's a peek at some of the brands we carry. Contact us if you if you have any style questions!

Quay Australia
Shwood eyewear

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  • I liked all the reasons and I agree with them all…

    Could you please tell me where I can find them????

    I got my tortoise sunglasses from store.

    They are very nice and comfortable. I am basically a style freak. I love to collect sunglasses of all designs for every dress and according to season as well.

    Waiting for your reply!!

    John Louis

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