Computer Glasses

In the last few years, computer glasses have become a staple of offices around the world. You may have questions about what computer glasses are. Computer glasses generally refer to blue light blocking lenses. Traditionaly made with blue light reducing properties that block between 20%  and 80% of blue light. The higher the percentage of light blocked, the darker the lenses. Computer glasses can be made with or without a prescription. We offer plain and Rx computer glasses from Aldous Eyewear in each of our locations.

Who needs them?

If you work in an office and find yourself using a computer for hours on end, you have probably experienced Digital Eye Strain (DES). The most common experience we call “fry eye”. The strained, burning feeling your eyes get while staring at a screen for long hours. Fry eye is often accompanied by a headache. If you have to look away from your screen, squint or close your eyes for relief, computer glasses will help ease that pain.  Blue light filtering lenses can be added to any lens, with or without prescription. The protection they provide will help reduce headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and fry eye.

Office lenses

Office lenses or “computer readers” are a customized prescription lens to be used while at your desk. Your doctor will usually write you a prescription for them or we can customize it based on your prescription. These will have an intermediate (computer) distance on top with a reading correction on the bottom. These are designed to be used at your desk and not for everyday use. These are recommended for anyone doing heavy computer use and struggling with the intermediate distance of a progressive lens. At Huxley, we specialize in computer glasses and office lenses. We focus on getting you the custom protection that you need to improve your work day.