We create timeless and modern glasses in a honest and transparent way for you, our customer.


Huxley philosophy


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Huxley Team

Our Team

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WHERE WE STARTED. The early 2000’s we’re a different time

Huxley’s story begins like so many other small businesses – feeling helpless after being treated poorly by corporate conglomerate.

TJ and Ryan grew up in Eagan, MN and were lifelong friends. One day Ryan’s father had an issue with a brand new pair of $1,200 eyeglasses he felt pressured into buying. To no one's surprise, the company he bought it from was NOT helpful when he asked for a refund. Opting to blame him and not take responsibility for an error. Telling him he needed to “get used to them” and refusing a refund.

Huxley Team

Realizing that many of these stores are too big to care about their customers, we set out to create a shopping environment centered around the golden rule:

We know things can get done better. Treat our customer like we wanted to be treated

Huxley Team

Why are we here:
To help our customers look good and feel great in our glasses.

customer satisfaction

How can we help?

Well, if you’re like us, you want to be treated with respect! Too many companies see customers as a dollar sign and don’t care about their satisfaction. At Huxley, the first question we’ll ask is, ”how can we help?” because that’s what we want to do! Help our customers look good and feel great in our glasses. Glasses are an extension of your personality, and we’re honored every time we get to help someone find that perfect pair.