We’ve been helping our customers navigate flex spending accounts for years. There’s a reason we’re constantly featured as Minnesota’s best shop for glasses!

There’s a lot of questions that we get asked like: “What can I use my HSA dollars on?” or “Where can I spend my HSA dollars?” Huxley accepts all HSA and FSA payments. All of our prescription glasses are considered an eligible purchase.

Why do Health Savings Accounts work so well at Huxley?

Since HSA’s are independent of other vision insurance, it can be used anywhere you like! By focusing on HSA benefits we can avoid inflated “insurance” pricing and the dirty tricks that come with it. Allowing your HSA money to go farther.

It’s a simple process with us. We’ll help you find a pair of glasses you love, charge your HSA card and provide you with an itemized receipt!

HSA tips and tricks:

  • To maximize your vision benefits, HSA’s can be combined with “out of network” insurance benefits. For example, if your insurance gives you a $100 to spend out of network and you choose a Huxley progressive frame and lens package for $299:
    $299 - $100 (out of network insurance benefit) = $199
    Boom! You’ve just purchased new digital progressive glasses for $199. Much better than paying over $700 at a chain store!
  • Use your HSA on a specialty lens.
    Our most popular specialty lens is our Huxley workspace lens. A custom lens for your computer with our patented light-sensitivity lens.
    We often hear from clients that they wish they’d discovered our office lenses years ago, and that the comfort of them makes it feel like their eyes have taken a long, restful vacation!
    Find out more about our office lenses here

"Excellent quality, selection, service, and prices! Great options from basic to stylish frames. I
especially love the wind down lenses. I spend a lot of time on the computer and I feel that these
lenses have drastically reduced my headaches.

-Actual customer review.

Thanks Michele

  • Prescription sunglasses:
    We’re a leader in prescription sunglasses in Minnesota. Your HSA account on a pair of sunglasses tailored to your needs. Whether it’s fishing, golf or a lazy day on the boat, we have you covered.
    Find out more about our sunglass options here.

We hope we’ve helped clarify how you can best use your HSA. If youhave any questions or would like to set up a time with an eyewearspecialist. Set up an appointment here!

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