Office lens

Sick of trying to “find the sweet spot all day?” Our office lenses will help.
Custom lenses for your workspace. Our office lenses will improve your work day.

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An "Office lens" refers to a customized prescription for extended use at your workspace.

In most cases, a workspace is situated at an arm’s length distance and an over-the-counter cheater would have too strong of a magnification to focus.

If you find that your eyes are struggling to focus throughout the day, or if your eyes are tired after a day of computer work, your vision may benefit from an office lens.

Two popular types of office lenses.

A computer progressive where the top of the lens is focused to an arms length distance, and a reader for up close print on the bottom. This works best for going between computer work and reading.

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Single-vision lens tailored for the distance of your workspace. This is great for people who use a dual-monitor set up or struggle with using every day progressives for computer work. Since this lens is a fixed distance you will have to take off your lenses to see across the room, or use cheaters for fine print.

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Office lens add-ons

All Huxley lenses include an anti-glare and anti-scratch coating at no cost. However, our blue light filtering lenses or our signature Wind Down lenses are a popular add-on for office glasses.


Blue light filter

Blue Light filter is built into a prescription or non-prescription lens to combat blue light exposure. All blue-light lenses will have a slight amber tint. Huxley’s blue light lenses are a filter versus an anti-glare coating, so it will not lose its effectiveness over time.

Wind Down lens

Wind Down lenses are a Huxley Optical signature coating. Wind Down lenses provide all the benefits of a blue light filtering lens with the additional bonus of an anti-migraine tint to limit additional exposure to glare, LED lights, fluorescent lights, and some infrared lighting. These lenses will provide all day comfort from brights lights of any type.

Hopefully we have helped you understand office lenses can improve your work day. Office lenses will eliminate the frustration of trying to “find the sweet spot” in a pair of glasses fitted for everyday use. If paired with a Wind Down lens, an office lens will severely reduce light sensitivity and eye strain.After selling hundreds of pairs our clients wonder how they’ve gone so long without them!