As Minnesotans we know summers are best spent outside, on a boat! Whether it's sports, fishing or fun. We've got prescription sunglasses you'll love.

We've got you covered. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Polarized

    Polarized sun lenses provide extra glare protection and are great for Minnesota summers on the lake, and winters full of glaring snow. These are very common and we sell them in grey, green, brown, blue, and yellow.

  • Non-polarized sun lens

    Non-polarized lenses are usually dip-dyed inside the lens. They will provide UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Tinted lenses will have many more customization options. We are able to make them in any color of the rainbow! Many of our “high fashion” customers will bring us designer or vintage frames and customize the lenses with a specific color.

What are you using them for?

We take prescription sunglasses seriously. The first question we’ll ask is, “what are you using them for?” So that we can help you find the perfect pair. If you’re like most of our customers you are looking for something stylish to wear around town, or an activity specific pair for golf or biking.

Options for everybody:

We have incredible options for both. Options include our Huxley signature frames like the Zoey or Kendall starting at $149, and even authentic Maui Jim or Oakley prescription lenses. Sports specific frames are our specialty. We regularly fit fisherman, golfers, and tennis enthusiasts to sports wrap frames that cover any incoming sun and won’t slip while you’re active...

At Huxley, a backside anti-glare coating is ALWAYS included.

There is a reason that the best lens manufactures use backside anti-glare coatings (and why we include it at no cost). It’s so the sun doesn't reflect into your eyes if it’s behind you. You know the feeling... when you’re wearing your shades and you keep seeing awkward reflections. It’s uncomfortable, and annoying! We wouldn’t sell sunglasses to our family without it, so we won’t sell them to our customers without it either.

Extras: Mirror lens

Mirrored lenses are more than just a cool look. A high quality mirrored lens will actually reflect light off the lens. This provides even more protection (while also looking cool). They also help with matching lenses for specific situations. For example our fisherman clientele prefers a brown lens with a green or blue mirror; these are great for being on the water, and they can be used on both cloudy and extremely bright days on the water.

How can we help?

Now that you know more about customized sunglasses, are there any questions we can answer? Our team of eyewear experts are eager to help you find the perfect pair. For more information please set up an appointment or give us a call!