Prescription Lens types

Prescription Lens types:

Single vision:

Single viewing area for distance only. Can be used for daily use or as customized office or reading lens.

Progressive (no-line) Bifocal:

Commonly called a “trifocal” progressive lenses feature 3 viewing corrections. Distance, intermediate and reading and are commonly used by those aged 45+.

All Huxley progressive lenses are digitally surfaced (HD) and include a customized corridor based on your lens needs. Choose your corridor below. For online orders we only use “Enhanced Distance”.

Flat-Top 28 Bifocal:

Traditional lined bifocal that has distance and reading only. Available in-store only or by special request online.



Included in Rx purchase price. Polycarbonate is a lightweight material that is very common in the optical industry.


Lightweight, durable and extremely clear. Recommended for those with a heavy astigmatism or narrow pupil distances. For optimal clarity we recommend trivex lenses for all online purchases.

High-Index 1.67:

Thin and lightweight, we recommend Hi Index lenses for anyone with a prescription above -3.50. Hi Index 1.74 lenses are available in-store only.


Anti-Glare Coatings:

Reduces reflections from the lenses. Includes an anti-scratch coating and is included in all eyewear purchases. Backside Anti-Glare included on all RX sunglass orders.

Blue Light Filter:

Anti-Glare coating that blocks up to 40% of all blue light with minimal lens tinting. Very common and heavily recommended for younger customers.

Wind-Down glasses:

Custom tinted lenses that reduce migraines and by filtering blue light with a calming pink tint. Designed in house to combat photophobia (extreme light sensitivity) and provide migraine relief. Recommended for those dealing with light sensitivity, headaches and photophobia. Available in 2 styles:

Level 1: Fashionable gradient tint to be used all day. Recommended for heavy computer use and severe light sensitivity.

Level 2: Darker tint recommended for severe light sensitivity, migraines, and trouble sleeping.

Transition lenses:

Photochromic lenses that adjust turn dark when exposed to UV rays. They are completely clear indoors and available in grey or brown tint.


Glare reducing sunglass lenses that are highly recommended. All polarized lenses come with backside anti-glare coatings to reduce light exposure from behind.