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HSA-OK! At Huxley your HSA or FSA don't go waste!

Are you feeling uncertain about the benefits of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and how to make the most of them?

The process can seem overwhelming, but fear not—Huxley is here to assist. With years of experience guiding our customers through flex spending accounts, we proudly hold the title of Minnesota's favorite eyewear shop.

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You may be pondering questions such as, "What expenses qualify for HSA reimbursement?" or "Where can I utilize my HSA funds?" At Huxley, we gladly accept all HSA and FSA payments, and all our prescription glasses are deemed eligible purchases.

Unlike other vision insurance plans, HSAs operate independently (just like us), giving you the flexibility to use them wherever you prefer.

We playfully refer to ourselves as HSA-OK because Health Savings Accounts are the primary vision benefits we embrace.

The process is straightforward. Choose a pair of glasses you adore, pay with your HSA card, and receive an itemized receipt from us.

We will be happy to help